What should not be missing on your career website: Part 2

In the first episode of our series we presented some basics which should not be missing on a successful career website. Today we grab into the paint pot and show you design elements which you should have in mind when you are setting up your career website.Bring some color to your career site

Give your career website a repaint

99% of all companies put their job offers on a site which looks exactly like all other sites on the website. The only thing which comes in our minds is: booooring. Even though we already hear your marketing team nagging: “ Yes, the career site has to be designed based on the main website. That’s the only way we can communicate our brand professionally!” we think this is nonsense.

If you want to impress candidates make sure that your career site differs from the other sites and does NOT look the same. It’s even a plus when your employer brand distinguish itself from your corporate brand because you also address a different target group with it: Your candidates!

“Social” is the keyword

People love to communicate and share information. Use this aspect of the human kind for your jobs. Make it as easy as possible for your page visitors to share your vacancies via LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or XING with their friends. You really don’t need to be a magician to automatically integrate the social buttons in every job ad (your IT departement will confirm that ;-)). Oh and don’t forget good old e-mail, via this channel your job ads can be shared too.

A picture is worth a thousand words

In our first article of this series we talked about the importance of videos on your career website. If you don’t have the opportunity to make a movie, some pics are a must have! Just look around and take some pictures of the office, your cafeteria, the football table in your lounge or your coffee kitchen. Show your candidates how their future employer looks like. The more they already know the bigger is the chance that they really apply.
If you consider our basic tipps and what we just told you about layout and design, you are on the best way to impress your candidates and convince them to apply for a job. In our third and last part of our series we will present you some aspects concerning content which make your career site more successful.

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