Mobile recruiting deluxe

Yesterday I found an empty bottle of Club Mate in our kitchen. Nothing special about it, right? That’s what I thought, too. Until I recognised the QR code on the bottle. As I am a curious person, I immediately scanned the barcode and got directed to a recruiting site of provision!, a software company in Berlin.

I know mobile recruiting is nothing new anymore–many companies already realised how effective it can be to put a barcode lable on the right spots and how it can improve the recruiting–but I still found this example quite successful. It makes sense that Club Mate is a popular drink among software developers–we’ll call them (tenderly) nerds. Make a guess who left the bottle in our kitchen 😉 It was defitnitely not one of the account managers. The nerd drinks his favourite drink and incidentally he scans the barcode label and informs himself about the jobs provision! has to offer. Can it be easier to attract passive candidates? We thought this was a great idea for more sophisticated recruiting.

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