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E-Recruiting – the Tools of the Trade

In today’s war for talent its more important than ever for companies to take initiative. Former employees would have applied directly to a company, these days the trend is heading in the reverse direction. The win over a generation of…

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6 Little Known Uses of Social Media in HR

It’s no secret that social media is widely used in modern recruitment but it may mean we’re overlooking other areas of HR where it could be equally as beneficial. Researchers over at BLR examined how human resource professionals are using…

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How to Bring Your Career Portal into the 21st Century

How to Bring Your Career Portal into the 21st Century

In a recent report from Aberdeen Group, researcher Madeline Laurano highlights the surprising shift between career portal’s of the past and present. The report, titled ‘Is Your Career Portal Stuck in the 80s?’ examines how the economic shift has affected…

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the benefits of application tracking software

Onboarding, Are You Doing It Right? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Clever employers know that onboarding is vital in building staff retention, satisfaction and success. Are you doing it right? Take a look at this handy Infographic for onboarding tactics that’ll keep your employees happy and engaged. How Softgarden Can Help…

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Collaborative recruiting thanks to mobile app for hiring managers


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Create a convincing career page in no time at all

Employer Branding

Attract candidates from the network of your employees

Active sourcing in a pool of actively searching candidates

Work together with external agencies and headhunters and evaluate success rates