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4 Ways You’re Scaring Candidates Off

Are you struggling to attract great people to your business and wondering where you’re going wrong? Before you admit defeat, take time to reflect on your approach. We live in a digital age with more access to job-related information, headhunters and networking opportunities than ever before. Reaching potential candidates isn’t so much the problem; it’s competing for their attention and winning them over in a saturated market. The search for…

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Secret Stats About Applicants to Inspire How You Hire

They say, ‘knowledge is power’. When it comes to recruiting, knowledge also helps you relate to candidates, giving you a strategic edge. Workers are moving between jobs more frequently than ever. LinkedIn data suggests people hold more jobs than they ever used to, while Gallup reveals more than half of employees are actively or passively searching for a new job! While it’s clear people are open to hearing about new…

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Edit your job postings and candidates profiles

Flexible, adaptable: Customize your job posting as you wish – as you need it, when you need it! Did you miss something in the job description? Things happen… We just released a softgarden update that now allows you to edit your job opening after you have posted it – main exception is the job title. Modify your requirements, correct mistakes or add information. With one click you can repost all…

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Smile with rejections

Rejecting a candidate is not a pleasant task: With your rejection, once hopeful applicants can become saddened — an unpleasant situation for all. You can change this, by transforming a rejection into a new opportunity for them. With our new softgarden update you can put a smile on your candidate’s face for this unpleasant situation. It’s easy, once you have decided to reject a candidate and no longer have them…

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Revealed: Why Friday Is the Worst Day to Post a Job Ad

In the world before the internet, job advertisements appeared in the daily newspaper classified section. The best way to ensure that a job ad got the most attention was to publish it in the weekend edition, which would achieve the most sales and subsequently the most exposure. Therefore, Friday became the day for posting job ads but apparently that’s no longer the case. These days Wednesday is looking more likely…

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6 Steps to Job Ads That Attract the Candidates You Want

There’s no hard and fast rule to posting the perfect job ad however, there are several things you can do to make sure it’ll both stand out and attract the candidates you need. Sounds simple right? Unfortunately it’s pretty easy to get it wrong. Amongst the thousands of job boards on the Web there are also thousands of over-complicated, misleading and jargon-filled job ads. We’re going to take a look…

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5 Women HR Bloggers You Should Be Reading

Everyone has their favourite food, fashion or lifestyle blog but what about Human Resources? The Web is full of excellent HR blogs and believe it or not, they’re far from the boring depths of legal issues and employee stratagy. We’ve rounded up the top 5 best women HR bloggers who aren’t just experts in their fields, but entertaining to boot. So grab a coffee, have a browse and (hopefully!) learn…

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Mobile Recruiting Studie

The 2014 Mobile Recruiting Statistics That Everyone Should Know

Mobile recruiting has evolved in leaps and bounds over the past year and it’s set to grow; a reported 84% of people say that mobile will be the main job search method come 2019. With over 90% of today’s job seekers expecting to at least view jobs on mobile, it’s clearly worth the investment. However, according to a recent study by LinkedIn, only 13% of employers say that they’ve invested enough into…

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Zappos: Proving The Power Employer Branding

Zappos: Proving The Power Employer Branding

Zappos, the online shoe and clothing shop, recently made waves in the recruitment world by announcing that they’re not going to post job ads anymore. According to Zappos, they don’t need to advertise positions because they already have a pipeline of talent sitting on their doorstep. From now on, Zappos plan to use strategic talent acquisition as opposed to direct recruiting in order to hire their new employees; Essentially a…

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Life Careerism, Are You Offering It to Your Candidates Yet? [INFOGRAPHIC]

In a recent report from Universum, a global leader in employer branding, the company highlights the rising value of life careerism for our emerging professionals. Apparently today’s younger generations are looking for meaning in their work, not just a paycheck, and according to Universum, it’s up to employers to deliver the goods. But how do they do it? Well according the to report, employers need to provide the following: Optimized…

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